Now On Audible

Forgive Us has now hit Audible! Hear for yourself the surreal experience with narrator Craig Bowles. 


For Forgive Us, there were many inspirations I had for the book, both consciously and subconsciously.

The movies 9 and Wall-E were strong influences. I watched both as a kid, so the worlds they painted had a subconscious influence in my head when writing Forgive Us. 9 had a more active influence since I remembered the movie and went back to study it occasionally. I learned way too much about that movie during that time. Regardless, the sandy wasteland from 9 is similar to the one from Forgive Us. It’s dark and cloudy, and the wasteland comes from a lack of plants, rather than intense heat. In fact, the wasteland in Forgive Us is cold, making northern parts of the world extremely had to survive in.- E.T. Gunnarson

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