News From Sweden

October ’23 Newsletter

I’ve put it off for a long time, but I think it’s about time I make an actual monthly newsletter to keep you folks updated on the happenings of my life and writings. I’m not really sure exactly how I want to do this–it might be a blog or something else. Who needs definitions anyway? I’m a fiction author for a reason.

Let’s start with an update on my life. I recently moved from Colorado to southern Sweden, and it’s been quite the ride. I now live in a charming little house in the countryside that isn’t too far away from town and the local cities. I’ve already found a new BJJ place, but that definitely isn’t the highlight of Sweden.

What is the highlight, you ask? Food. The food in Sweden is fantastic. The food is amazing: no corn syrup in candy, no preservatives in anything, and locally sourced everything. Bread, and all pastries, is rich. Have you ever wondered what Elven food from the Lord of the Rings tastes like? Come to Scandinavia, or just Europe in general. Even the pastries in the local grocery stores are amazing. I recommend anything with the word “bulle” in its name.

The Salt March

In other news, my latest book, the Salt March, is on the way to the editor. I can’t give any spoilers, but I will tell you a little about the book’s background! The Salt March is the first of my new high fantasy series, which takes place in a world called Adytum.

Adytum is a long-time creation of mine spanning years, going all the way before even the creation of the Odemark series. The world was originally supposed to contain a lot of aspects similar to World of Warcraft and even the Lord of the Rings. Over time, it has drifted into becoming a more unique take on high fantasy, with each new development driving that “unique” concept further.

I’m very excited to show all my readers the characters’ troubles, journeys, and monumental achievements in the new series. We will not only see the rise of heroes and villains but also the fall of an empire.

Stay tuned,